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Digits is BACK, BABY, and Better Than Ever on Desktop!

Remember the game NYT Digits, the NYT’s mathy masterpiece that ignited our brains for a glorious beta run? Well, fret no more, puzzle enthusiasts, because it’s back, bigger, and better than ever on a glorious desktop website! Forget fiddling with your phone – now you can unleash your inner mathematician on a spacious screen, ready to conquer those daily number challenges.

This isn’t just a port, folks. The desktop Digits takes everything we loved and injects a dose of digital polish. The interface is sleek and intuitive, the numbers practically begging to be manipulated. Plus, say goodbye to squinting at your tiny phone screen. Now you can truly appreciate the elegance of each equation you craft.

But the real magic lies in the gameplay. It’s still the classic Digits we adored: five puzzles a day, each a brainteasing labyrinth of numbers and operators. You’ve got your target number in sight, and six tantalizing digits to work with. The thrill of using your arithmetic arsenal to reach that target, the satisfaction of a perfectly chained equation – it’s pure, unadulterated brain candy.

And let’s not forget the social bragging rights! Now you can share your stellar Digits scores with ease, letting the world know you’re a number-wrangling champion. Who needs Wordle streaks when you can dominate the daily Digits with three-star victories?

So ditch the phone, fire up your desktop, and dive headfirst into the glorious world of Digits once more. It’s a math lover’s paradise, a puzzle playground that will have you sharpening your mental math skills and celebrating your inner genius. Trust me, this is one brain workout you won’t want to miss!

Not so into the numbers games? try the remake of the Context for some more word-based fund!

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